Does medialog do creatives?

No, the ads must be provided by the advertiser, ideally through their creative agency. We have done some adaptations or some post compositions for social networks, but these are tasks for a creative agency. We are experts in media planning and buying.

How much will the medialog service cost me?

We are a variable cost for the client. We do not intend to charge a fixed fee. We receive remuneration if there is a campaign, and if there is not, medialog does not charge any cost to the client. How much do we charge? A percentage of one digit on the investment made.

How do I apply to work at medialog?

Nice to meet you. Keep in mind that we are very cautious about expanding our staff. In services, the cost of personnel is the highest fixed cost. Looking for long-term employment stability implies being prudent hiring. Write to, attach your CV and, above all, your LinkedIn profile.

Can medialog advise me for an international campaign?

Of course, we have our operation in Spain, but we activate campaigns anywhere in the world. No problem at all.

Do you work with creative agencies?

Yes, but no. We collaborate with some excellent advertising agencies and do business together. They never commission us for media plans to just complement their creative proposals. When they call us there is a real likelihood of buying media. For example, we would never get media buying for a global brand aligned with a multinational advertising company.

Do you participate in pitches?

Yes, evaluating very well the effort-opportunity relationship. The chances of winning are usually very low and advertisers do not compensate pitches. We look for a medium- and long-term relationship with advertisers, not for convenience, but because a long-term relationship makes the service more efficient and avoids implementing wrong strategies.

Do you belong to an advertising group?

Medialog is an independent agency, and we will remain so in the future. We do not rule out collaborating in associative initiatives to opt for very large clients, avoiding any investor entering our capital. We did not create our agency to get rich, but to enjoy our work without external pressures.

What is the difference between a creative agency and a media agency?

A creative agency knows what to say and how to express it considering the target audience, while a media agency like medialog knows how, when, where and how to reach the target audience while minimizing costs. We build a bridge between the brand and the target audience so that they interact.

What types of clients do you work with?

We like both private companies and public institutions. Our clients are mostly B2C (business-to-consumer), although we have also done campaigns for B2B (business-to-business). The budget is a considerable effort for any advertiser, whether huge or modest, and our goal is always to help them grow.